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Welcome to SocGON, Visitors!

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Welcome to SocGON, Visitors!

Post by cHaSwWind on Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:22 am

Welcome to SocGON!
Social Gaming and Otaku Network

Welcome to SocGON. A forum website built for people who love Japan Culture and called "Otaku", for average and hardcore Gamers, and for people who have these two attributes! In this post, I will give you the basic links on how to use this forum and what can you do about it.
But first, like our page at Facebook named, GOHAAWOP (Gaming of Humility and Anime Watching of Patience). Click me!

Related to Foruming Guides
These guides will teach you on how to use the forum
  1. [Guide on]Creating a new topic and Posting a new post to a topic and things related to posting
  2. [Guide on]Forum Structure
  3. [Guide on]Using BBCodes

Common Forum Sections
These section is a quick guide on the forum.
  1. Discussion Room - You can talk here for general discussion and can even ask questions here.
  2. Anime Section - You can talk here for anime discussions.
  3. Manga Section - You can talk here for manga discussions.
  4. Gaming Section - You can talk here for computer games discussions.


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